Deep Tissue:

This detailed full body massage uses deep pressure to work deeply into the muscles to reduce pain. We can pay particular attention to areas that need work, ie upper back/neck pain. It is recommended for those to prefer more intense massage work.             1 hour $40        Half hour $20


Aromatherapeutic oils are used in this therapeutic and relaxing massage which helps to detoxify your body and promote overall relaxation. Pressure can be adjusted upon request of client.          1 hour $ 45      half hour $30


Traditional western techniques are used to promote general relaxation, improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. This hour long full body massage uses long, gliding strokes to reinvigorate your body and mind. Pressure is adjustable upon client's request.       1 hour $35     half hour $20

Hot & Cold Stone:

A therapeutic massage, utilizing heated and oiled volcano stones to melt away muscle tension and stress, creating a truly blissful relaxation. Hot Stones will stimulate and open energy pathways and restoring balance. The stones are mineral-rich and are used throughout the entire massage. An incredible therapy for all; especially suited to alleviating arthritic aches and pains.

1 hour $40      half hour $20

Thai Herbal Massage:

This massage helps you stretch out you muscles and bones. Simular to doing yoga. Giving you a relaxing feeling afterwards. Back stepping or back kneeling is available. 

1 hour $35       Half hour $20


Our feet’s reflex zones, which if stimulated through application of pressure to these points, can provide us with an overall healthier body. This can be extremely helpful for those who are always on their feet or in high heels.

1HOUR  $28          HALF HOUR  $15

Foot Care:

Spa foot:

Our feet’s reflex zones, which if stimulated through application of pressure to these points, can provide us with an overall healthier body. This can be extremely helpful for those who are always on their feet or in high heels

(Micro Dermabrasion Machine, Foot Massage, Hot Stone, Essential Oil, Massage)

1.5 HOUR  $45


Cleansing, brushing, peeling, steaming, relaxing massage & soft mask.

Basic Facial:

1hour $35  

5 times $150 (1hr $30)  

12 times $300 (1hr $25)

10 times 2 FREE

Hydro treatment:

Cleansing, peeling, eyebrows shaping, massage, steaming, blackhead removal, high frequency treatment, eye mask & hydrating mask.

1hour $50

5 times $220 (1hr $45)  

12 times $450 (1hr $37)

10 times 2 FREE

Deep cleansing, peeling, eyebrows shaping, ozone electron spray, acne removal, blackhead removal, uv electrotherapy & cold mask.

Acne Facial:

1hour $50

5 times $220 (1hr $45)  

12 times $450 (1hr $37)

10 times 2 FREE

this anti aging procedure provides a botox-like -effect no needle ,no pain , nono risk. this clinically proven , four step treatment effectively  reduces superfical lines and deeper wrinkles. using collagen and vegetal filling spheres, the relaxing treatment plumps and reidentifies skin for a rejuvenated appearance

Anti- Wrinkle facial:

1hour $50

5 times $220 (1hr $45)  

12 times $450 (1hr $37)

10 times 2 FREE

G.M. Collin Series

A powerful age-defying skin care designed to delay the visible signs of aging and energize the skin.This treatment reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, evens out skin tone and And illuminates the skin, thus restoring its youthful appearance.

Sea C Spa Treatment:

1.5 hour / $100 

5 times / $400

Collagene 90 Treatment:

It is an exceptional treatment for fatigued or mature skin unable to retain sufficient moisture. Collagene 90-II provides outstanding results in terms of epidermal regeneration, hydrating, wrinkle smoothing and prevention scar treatment. 

1.5 hour / $100 

5 times / $400

Reduction up to 97% of number of wrinkles (crow's feet and forehead). It lifts and firms the skins. Relaxed with a rejuvenated and re-dense the appearance. 

Botinol Treatment:

1.5 hour / $120 

5 times / $400

On the contrary, it works by creating a cooling effect on the skin. It is therefore recommended as a smoothing agent, particularly for improving the appearance of redness. It restores the healthy look of all skin types, instantly leaving the skin radiant. 

Algomask Treatment:

1.5 hour / $70 

5 times / $250


Thai Shampoo:

Royal Style hair massage-used 500 years ago. Now we have the updated modern version! 3 steps into ONE.

1.  15 mins Shampoo hair

2.  15 mins Facial & Mask

3.  30 mins Thai massage

ONE HOUR ($ 35)

For our loyal Members

Free Scraping / Cupping

Ear Candling:

Ear candling, also called ear coning or thermal-auricular therapy, is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal.

It is a safe, gentle method of cleansing the ear canal by means of inserting a hollow “candle”. It removes excessive ear wax (which can impair hearing), yeast, fungus and bacteria build-up due to ear infections. It has been known to reduce noise from Tinitus (ringing in the ears). Earaches are often caused by mucous blown into the ear from the Eustachian tube. Ear candling may often release this fluid pressure and thus relieve the pain. Candida can cause a yeast allergy, which causes itching in the ear. Parasites may also cause problems if allowed to grow in the ear. The warm, moist environment of the ear canal is an ideal breeding place for the rapid growth of many organisms. Ear Candling may help reduce or eliminate many of these symptoms.

30 mins ear candling + 30 mins lymph scented oil massage. ONE HOUR = $35


Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa, or mugwort herb. It plays an important role in the traditional medical systems of China (including Tibet), Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Suppliers usually age the mugwort and grind it up to a fluff; practitioners burn the fluff or process it further into a cigar-shaped stick. They can use it indirectly, with acupuncture needles, or burn it on the patient's skin.

20 mins moxibustion therapy + 40 mins scented oil therapy. ONE HOUR = $35

Single Treatments

1. Scraping  $10

The Scraping Therapy is used to release the body of blood stagnation. Blood stagnation is considered to be the cause of many diseases in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). To visualize this, you may want to compare the water from a running stream versus the water in a still stagnant pond. The stagnant pond will be full of gunk, green moss and other growths while the running stream will have clear water. Our entire blood circulation is very similar to this. When the blood is not flowing properly, it starts to become stagnant and creates an environment more suitable for disease.

2. Cupping  $10

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin; practitioners believe this mobilizes blood flow in order to promote healing.[1] Suction is created using heat (fire) or mechanical devices (hand or electrical pumps).

3. Sauna  $10

A room or enclosure for taking a dry heat bath.

4. Body Scrubbing  $20

A body scrub is a popular body treatment that is like a facial for the body. It exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

5. Hair Cut  $10